The Plan

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Our primary tactics will include:

  • Informing, educating, and activating the public with an affiliated online news and information service;
  • Endorsing, supporting, and recruiting candidates for public office best able to advance our agenda; and
  • Persuading public officials by using lobbying and other methods.

Our initial plan of action has the following steps:

1. Adopt a governing constitution and recruit an initial Board of Directors to guide the organization until a membership meeting can be held.

2. Begin recruiting and accepting members.

3. In July of 2018 hold a first membership meeting to elect a Board of Directors, amend the constitution if desired, adopt a platform, and set strategy.

4. Set up an affiliated non-profit corporation to launch an online newspaper on local, state, national, and global news of interest to inform the public and recruit new members.

5. Initiate a process for the members to decide whether to endorse and support particular candidates and measures in the November 2018 election.

We invite you to contact us to begin discussing and working together toward our common social advancement!