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Our policy program is more politically feasible than it might at first appear. For one thing, there is already movement toward many of the program items. For another, dramatic economic and political change is already happening and will necessarily continue, forcing change to happen.

Senator Sanders' Presidential campaign and dissatisfaction with the Affordable Care Act have elevated single-payer health insurance to the political agenda. And due to the difficulty of finding good paying jobs, the use of government income programs such as Social Security early retirement and disability payments have expanded. The number of people receiving income support already creates the groundwork for a guaranteed basic income.

Public benefit corporations are recognized in more than half the states, and worker and consumer cooperatives have long been around. The use of renewable energies continues to spread. Ranked choice voting is being used in several localities and will soon be used for primary and federal elections in Maine.

On the second point, automation and globalization will continue to disrupt labor markets, which was the primary driver of the anti-establishment campaigns of Sanders and Trump. The two major political parties are losing voters and are still contending with the internal rifts exposed in 2016. Climate change is escalating and will force attention to the old economy's dependence on fossil fuels.

Political and economic change is being held back primarily by the alliance of big business and big government in protecting the pillars of the old capitalist model, notably fossil fuel and financial companies (banks, insurance, etc.) Mass protests against the actions of these companies are being met with efforts at political suppression, and voters are being stymied by electoral laws stacked in favor of the two-party system.

The overall strategy, therefore, is to define a vision of where we are heading in order to mobilize our resources, overcome resistance and move toward that future. We realize we are part of a larger movement and that there are many ways to move forward, such as sharing information, making changes in our individual lives, participating in rallies and demonstrations, and lobbying government officials.

But ultimately we will need people in elected office who share our vision and are committed to dismantling the big business/big government alliance. Social media is the game-changer as an inexpensive means for learning about candidates, assessing them, and supporting those most in line with the vision of the future we choose to pursue.

As an organization, Social Advance will be dedicated to refining our vision of the future and assisting people in identifying and pursuing the most viable tactics available to get us there. As we develop we will set up an organizational structure which is accountable to its membership and transparent about any funding sources.

We invite you to contact us to begin discussing and working together toward a better future.